An Antarctic Adventure – Move over Douglas Mawson!

Well here we are… Where has all the time gone? I can’t believe that Easter is already over and we are already in the fourth month of the year. I find it amazing just how quickly the first half of a year seems to fly by, while the second have usually seems to take forever to be over.

Over the last few weeks we have been working solidly on Australian History. We seem to have changed our focus, from studying the convict era, to learning more about the early aboriginals and early settlement. We have been very fortunate to find a wonderful array of books and workbooks that are available for our use. The availability of these has allowed em to pick and choose what we learn about again, without requiring me to write all the work myself.

Usually I would write most of the work for the children myself, devising what we will learn about and how we will learn it, but since I am now working part time, I have decided to take a load of myself, by trying to find worksheets that reflect our learning wants and needs, and using them instead of having to create them all myself. This new system seems to be working for the moment. I certainly seem to be achieving more freedom with my time and the girls are still receiving a well balanced program. This situation also still leaves me with time to write the work I wish the children to learn when I am unable to find worksheets that reflect our educational goals as well as utilise other resources when available. The best of both worlds at this stage I imagine.

So what exactly have we been learning about? One of the things we have been focusing on is Successful Australians, the first one we have been researching is Douglas Mawson (1882 – 1958). This has been a very fun person to look into. JAHG has created a time line of Douglas Mawson and his achievement / important times throughout his life, as well as read a lot of information about him and his Antarctic adventures. JAHG’s next learning curve about Douglas Mawson and Antarctica is to complete the following brief: (This has been slightly adapted from the R.I.C. Publication ‘Successful Australians’ by Sandy Strumer to meet our own specific learning needs.)

Plan an expedition to explore an uncharted Polar Region

Choose a destination for you to explore within the Polar Region.

Grab a map of this region or create one yourself.

Decide on the length of time and the number of participants in your expedition

Envisage yourself as the following people and complete the tasks as detailed below:

Navigator – Plan the Route for the expedition and plot the destination on your map.  Research and decide on what kind of transport you will require if any, where you will stay what kind of accommodation you will require.

Equipment Supervisor – List all the equipment that will be necessary for a safe expedition. Clothing, utensils and don’t forget what might be required for the unexpected! It is your responsibility to ensure all the equipment needs for the expedition are met. Things to consider. Transport, accommodation, clothing, documenting research and so much more are a few of the things your expedition group will be doing.

Cook – Create a workable list of food and cooking items required for the expedition. Remember to consider things such as the weather, easy of carrying, healthy options, energy requirements when making the list. It is also important to understand how you might cook the food if required as you will need to carry any equipment required for cooking and this could be heavy!

Photographer – Your task is to document the visual aspects of the expedition. This can be done via photography, collage, drawings in fact any art form you choose!

Expedition Bloggist – You are required to record all the information related to the expedition and create a blog about the adventure. This blog should detail the route taken, provide maps, detailed lists of equipment, food and also diary extracts detailing the actual Journey.

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