Along with a new house comes new traditions

Well as soon as we moved into our new house, we realised that we would have to rethink some of the favourite traditions we had created for ourselves over the years.

Usually for us Sunday is ‘Bunday’, well it was until we moved to our new house. Where we used to live the local bakery was just up the road – a five minute drive for us. So each Sunday we would get up, have a shower and jump in the car and drive to the bakery to buy some knot rolls for us all to have for breakfast, once we arrived back home.

We had done this for so long that the children always looked forward to Sundays, knowing it was Bunday. It was one of those comforting constant happenings in their life. So now that we have moved the children wanted to know what we would be replacing Bunday with, since the local bakery is no more and the closest new one is over 20 kilometres away. So we had to have a family meeting and decide what we could do for a new Sunday tradition.

The ideas were varied but in the end we all decided that we would make Sunday, Pancake Day. Since everyone eats pancakes. So for the last three Sundays we have been enjoying creating a new Sunday tradition. At times the children still think it’s Sunday, Bunday, but quickly realise it’s pancake day instead.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our Pancakes.

Now all I have to do is look for a Pancake cookbook, so I can try and temp my family into trying more savoury and sweet pancakes in the future, instead of them eating their usual boring one kind each!

Happy Sunday!

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