Almost Complete

Well we have almost completely finished revamping the website. Most of the links have content on them, with the exception of a few that need minor updates. So with most of it under control We hope to get back to the main task of blogging!

Officially the children are on holiday, having left earlier this morning for their two month stint interstate. This gives me the opportunity to get on top of things and to organise their next learning cycle before they arrive home, just in time for Nik’s Birthday.

My aim is to set out their learning plan for the first three months of their new cycle, so that once they arrive home everything will be well organised and they can get into full swing with it all. Hopefully I will also be able to keep on top of it all and remain 3 months in advance with the setting up of their learning. I wish to have a weekly set of instructions for each of them, followed by a tub of everything they could need to complete the weeks tasks.

Aim High I say 🙂 Got to make the most of these two months!

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