About Us

Our Journey did not start out with us being Home educators, in fact our eldest two children attended schools. Everything started out okay and then we came across issues that were not properly addressed or resolved to our liking so we decided to look for an alternative way to educate our children.

So here we are quite a number of years later. Our oldest two children have never looked back since they started being home educated and our youngest one , well she has never been to a ‘school’.

Life is full of everyday challenges, triumphs and learning, but we love every moment of it. I am not going to lie and say it is a bed of roses everyday, but it is a very rewarding lifestyle that suits our family and the needs of our children.

Our family loves to learn through books, hands on activities, documentaries and life, so our learning is eclectic in nature. None of our children are the same, and neither of them learn in the same manner as the other. However with the ability to evaluate and change how and what we learn to suit the individual needs of each of our children at any time, we manage to provide quite an awesome learning experience for our family.

We hope that you enjoy glimpses into our ‘journey in life and learning!’

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