A Cooler Day has Dawned

Well today has been a much cooler day. Making it a lot more enjoyable too. We have just hung  around the house today. Tata and the girls did go out for a bit to buy some stuff from the supermarket, but other than that we have been home all day.

SZG and I have been discussing DSLR camera’s. We spent quite a bit of the day exploring different makes and models. We are determined that I will eventually get one. I miss the versatility an SLR camera provides and SZG and I are leaning towards a particular camera to purchase just as soon as we get enough money together – until then I shall just enjoy the Olympus I already have, not quite a DSLR camera but still a great one.

Yesterday I was mucking around with the panorama function on my Olympus camera and took this shot. I thought I would share it with you!

The View From our Veranda during the day!

A Panoramic View From our Veranda during the Day!

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