A casual day at home

Well today started out quite good. The girls and I went down to the local park next to the football oval. I walked all the way while they rode their bikes. We had intended on spending some time there, but as the sky kept growing darker and the clouds appeared heavier we decided that we would make it a quick stop. Phinee decided that she would get me to time her as she raced around the oval on her bike. She wants to see if she can make it around faster each time she attempts the ride. Today the lap around the oval took 2 minutes and 16 seconds – a great effort on her behalf. Only time will tell if she can make it faster or not. Let’s hope she can!

After lunch we had a visit from some friends of ours. They are over from the mainland for 10 days. It is great to see them and to be able to sit and enjoy a chat. They stayed for Dinner and we all enjoyed ourselves. The girls very much enjoyed practicing Netball, playing little pet shops and grabbing some attention from our visitors.

A good day was had by all 🙂

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