For the past few weeks I have been going out everyday and taking photos. I sometimes venture up to our local church, St. Mary’s, sometimes I wander into the backyard, but some days I don’t even get out of the house. But I have made it my mission to take a photo a day, for the next year. Even if I am only photographing something inside the house.

Today I went for a walk in the backyard, and although the day was dull and dreary, I took some beautiful photographs. It has been raining constantly the past few days, and on some plants you could still see dew drops.

19 Jun 2013_9711 19 Jun 2013_9709 19 Jun 2013_970419 Jun 2013_9719

I think the photo above is my favourite photograph I took today.

19 Jun 2013_9731

The photo above is actually our bird feeder. But since all we’ve had is rain these past few days, the bird feeder is now full of water!

19 Jun 2013_9741

This flower is very small and hard to spot! It is about as big as the size of your thumb. But, it is still very beautiful!