The Festive Season has Started!

Tradition is always something we try to hold on too. It links the past with the present and honours those who have been near and dear to us at some stage, by recreating memories that they once enjoyed with us and keeping them alive.

I remember as a child, waiting with sheer anticipation and excitement for the 1st of December to roll around. As this would be the day that we would always put the tree up . I recall the creation of our Christmas Tree, glistening with tinsel and decorated with ornaments, as the main symbol of the beginning to our Christmas Festivities.

And so it is now so many years later for my children, as they eagerly await the beginning of December in order to put their Christmas tree up. Each year they lovingly decorate it and as they do they discuss the memories they recall – that are associated with the ornaments, mementos and cards we happily tucked away last year, in order to decorate with again this year.

So with tradition in mind, today we set up the Christmas Tree and decorated the house for the start of what is our festive season. I say ‘our festive season’ as not everyone celebrates it, and definitely not everyone celebrates it the way we do. With emphasis on certain days, rather than others, and on creating memories rather than on just buying presents just because it is the Christmas Season.

So here is a glimpse into our Christmas Season.

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