Where has the time gone?

Wow!  – – – – – – – > How Time Flies!

It has been quite some weeks – or should I say months – since I last posted. Life has been extremely busy, hence the lack of time to post any of our news.

In March we had Nanny Irena and Poppy Tadeusz come and stay with us for a few days. They arrived on Tuesday the 20th of March and left on Saturday the 24th of March. It was great to see them and for us  to be able to celebrate Poppy’s 70th Birthday made it even more special. While they were with us visiting we took them up Mt Wellington as Poppy had never been up the mountain even though he had been to Tasmania a few times before. It was nice and clear so we got some great views even if the wind seemed to be ice cold and able to cut through us like a knife. After only a short while looking at the views we decided to return to the car. Just as we did it started snowing. The girls were very excited and we stood out in it for a short while and watched it. Before we ventured down the hill again in our car. By the time we got to the bottom of the mountain and turned around to have a look back at it the top of it was covered in white snow to around 700 metres, so the snow must of been thick and fast once it started….

The children enjoyed being able to cook with Nanny while she was here, they love learning the Polish recipes and ways to cook.

Unfortunately just before Nan and Poppy arrived to visit us we lost one of our Chickens. We ventured out to see the chickens in the day and then a few hours later at which stage Sarah was dead on the floor of the chicken run. There was no obvious signs of why she passed away, but we were all sad and upset.

We also lost Debbie a few weeks earlier. The other chickens were picking on her and we were unable to stop it – even after a lot of time and effort was put into it. So we gave Debbie back to the gentleman who originally gave the chickens to us so she could rest easy and not be picked on.

We were lucky enough to gain Winnie and her six chicks into our life around two weeks after Sarah’s passing. Winnie is gorgeous and very protective of her young, who are growing immensely every day – eating us out of house and home as they go! They are a delight to have in our family and a lot of fun to play with and cuddle.

Other things that have been going on around here over the last few months include winter weather starting to settle in over the last few weeks. We have had to put the wood heater on some nights. however the house heats up incredibly fast and we have then had to open up the doors and windows to cool it down again!

The children have been doing great with their learning. Phinee has been working on a holiday Budget planner. Phinee has been given a certain number of dollars to spend on taking her family away for 5 to 7 days. She has been working hard on it and researched all the places she would like to go and how much they would cost. Transport costs, food expenses and attraction costs. Accommodation is still yet to be worked on.

Nik has revived our enthusiasm for the Wii. She has devised a playing plan for us all to utilise the Wii Fit in order for us to get healthy. She wrote up a contract and had us all sign our names to it, so that we would be bound to workout on the Wii fit when she deemed it was necessary – which looks like it is once a day at this stage. It is bringing a lot of fun and laughter to the house and helping us get healthier while having fun.

So life rolls on at an incredibly fast pace – often to fast to document, but believe me the learning and fun continues….