A Change of Plans….

Well our original Australia day plans did not go as planned. Initially we had intended to stay home, have a BBQ and listen to some good Aussie rock. But we decided instead, to go and spend some time at Port Arthur.

This choice was quite a fitting and enjoyable one. We had a lot of fun at Port Arthur and enjoyed the fine weather. The children also had fun following the journey of their convict as they roamed around the site and read lots of information.

Port Arthur – January 2012

During the summer holidays (and at other times throughout the year), Port Arthur has many hands on activities happening around the place.

This year they had the following hands on activities happening (and many more) when we visited on Australia Day…

  • A series of three Historical Plays – The Man Who Threw a Stone, The Shingle Strike and A Boy’s Life 
  • Carved in Stone: the stonemasons who built Port Arthur
  • Port Arthur Beneath Your Feet 
  • Unearthed! Archaeology at Port Arthur 
  • Gardens of Exile 
  • Discover Port Arthur’s Furry and Feathered Fiends 
  • A 30 minute harbour cruise aboard the MV Marana

We enjoyed the Harbour Cruise, one of the historical plays and the beneath your feet archaeology at Port Arthur as well as roaming around the grounds looking at all the historical buildings and reading all the information provided.

We would have loved to have been able to see all three of the plays. The children especially, as they very much enjoyed ‘The Shingle Strike‘ and asked to see more of the plays. With so much to see and do at Port Arthur we did not get time to do everything even though we arrived at 10.30 and and never left until well after 7pm. It is amazing, but no matter how many times we go there we are always able to find something new and interesting to see and do, just like this time when we learnt about the young convict Leonard Hand

We have promised though – to return next time DJ is staying with us, so that we can experience more of Port Arthur and what it has to offer and hopefully see some more plays, join in some more activities and also go on the Ghost Tour, which the children also asked about so so so many times, throughout the day.

Thankfully we purchased aTicket of Leave‘ so can return as many times as we like over the next 2 years without paying again!


Happy Australia Day!!!

Well today is Australia Day.

As Australians, we celebrate this day every year on the 26th of January. Australia day is a public holiday in every state and territory of Australia and commemorates the establishment of the first settlement at Port Jackson in 1788 – which is now part of Sydney in N.S.W. 

Australia day, is a day when all Australians celebrate what being Australian means to them. It is a day to focus on our country, our culture our food, family and friendships. Every Australian celebrates this occasion in their own unique way. On Australia day right around the country you will find a mixture of huge get-togethers and Australia Day events, as well as many backyard gatherings with a more intimate feel , celebrating with just family and friends.

January 26th is all about connections and community.

So were ever you are, may you enjoy your day as much as we will enjoy ours – here at home. The day is young still, but we intend to share it with family and hopefully a few friends along with our BBQ, some ‘Aussie Rock’ and a lot of laughter.

Happy Australia Day to you!

Note: Extra Info!

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Today is the day!

Well today is the day that we have to go to the airport and pick up DJ. For he is coming to our house for a few weeks holiday. It has been a while since we seen him. Last October in fact, so it is great to have him come and visit with us again.

While he is here we intend to go to Port Arthur and hopefully have some fun filled days together. Learning is always an everyday part of our lives and as DJ is also home educated, it is part of his too.

I hope that DJ is looking forward to visiting as much as we are looking forward to having him come here….