Port Arthur, Tasmania C. 1910

I recently went hunting through YouTube to try and find some old footage or pictures of Port Arthur in Tasmania. I was amazed to find  the images below by J. W. Beattie (1859-1930) taken around 1910. I was also taken by the second video that looks at not only Port Arthur but other area as of significant interest to us as we delve into the convict history of Tasmania.  When I came across them I knew they were well worth checking out. For us it is an opportunity to deepen our learning about Port Arthur and the Convicts with images of what it was like through Someone else’s viewpoint and in a by-gone era….. These are well worth watching, Enjoy!

Thanks to Colpeperite for sharing these videos….

Photos from a trip to the former Port Arthur convict settlement and the Tasman Peninsula c. 1910 by J. W. Beattie (1859-1930). Places shown include Tasman Island, Cape Pillar, Tasman’s Arch, Port Arthur, the Isle of the Dead, Point Puer (the boys’ prison) and Saltwater River (coal mines).

Eric Portman reads Lovelace’s famous poem on freedom, with pictures of some Tasmanian colonial gaols – Sarah Island, Macquarie Harbour; Port Arthur, Tasman Peninsula; Cascades Female Factory, Hobart; the Isle of the Dead, Port Arthur.