Weekly Update – 29/1/12

Highlights from my life this week…

Having all our kids with us. Gaining a gift membership for the ‘Diggers Club’. Clipping the Chickens wings, and dreaming the Gołąb family dream with Tata.

Highlights from our homeschooling this week…

Picking DJ up from the airport, Celebrating Australia Day and Learning about Archaeology down at Port Arthur.

We continued our study of the United Kingdom. Focused on our regular areas of Literacy and Numeracy. Started work on Tata’s Birthday present for his 40th. Took a trip down memory lane through photographs, memorabilia and stories.
The children all followed the journey of their own ‘convict’ as they ventured around Port Arthur. Our learning about these convicts will continue into the coming week.

Our favorite thing this week was…

Our Family day out at port Arthur to celebrate Australia Day. Amongst so many wonderful things we enjoyed that day we watched a history play at Port Arthur called ‘The Shingle Strike’.

Things I’m working on…

STILL- The next edition of Glimpse – a FREE Online homeschooling newsletter – which is due out in February. – Only a few days away now!

I’m reading…

About Port Arthur Convicts

Favourite Photo(s) this week … (again too hard to choose just one!)

A great website worth mentioning is…

Port Arthur

Archaeology at Port Arthur

One of the many reasons we decided to spend Australia Day at Port Arthur this year was for the children to enjoy their Archaeological Digs. The Children have been learning about Ancient History and how we find out about the past. In doing so we have looked at Archaeology in particular and the ways in which it can help us learn about the past, it’s people and how they lived.

So to be able to go to Port Arthur and see the work of some real Archaeologists was a pleasure. But to be able to learn about the history of our convicts through the findings of an Archaeological Dig was even more impressive.

First we had to examine documents and any photographs of the area where the Archaeological Dig was to take place.

Then we got to see what a section of an Archeological dig would look like. This picture is of the 20th layer on the dig.

We were then shown a drawing made by an archaeologist of the dig site were were looking at. It was very interesting to see all the detail they provided in their drawings.

We then got to ‘clean up’ some artifacts that were found at Port Arthur. This was real hands on and a lot of fun!

Here are some of the artifacts we ‘cleaned up’. Can you see some of them actually fit together…

We also found some of the items had stamps on them. These stamps gave us information and clues as to when the times was made and what it was used for….

We then had to do what all good archaeologists do, document and draw the artifacts we uncovered and cleaned up…

And the best part… Tata had as much fun as the children did and we all learnt a lot!