2012 – National Year of Reading

I know I have spoken a few times about how much we all love to read books. I fact my ultimate goal in life is to have enough books – and my own dedicated room –  to have my own library… Ambitious I know, but hey, I love books!

I however find it very distressing to know that according to love2read.org.au

Nearly half the population struggles without the literacy skills to meet the most basic demands of everyday life and work. There are 46% of Australians who can’t read newspapers; follow a recipe; make sense of timetables, or understand the instructions on a medicine bottle.

This statistic makes me so sad for all those people who can not read or stuggle with words. Yet it also makes me extremely happy that I have a family of readers, who can not only follow a recipe, make sense of timetables and read a newspaper, but choose to read for the sheer pleasure a book brings to their lives.

For us, the opportunity to read a book is an opportunity to be carried away to a far off time or place. It allows us the privilege of being able to view life through another persons perceptive. It brings far of lands closer to home and the opportunity to step back in time or travel to the future. Every word in every book, brings with it a new experience, an increased level of fulfillment and also contributes to the overall well being of us all.

So if you love books, why not share this love in 2012, by involving yourself in one of the following activities (these are just examples, the possibilities are endless!):

  • Read to your children for a minimum of 30 minutes a day or
  • Incorporate a minimum of one hour of reading into your learning week
  • Share a good book with a friend or family member
  • Buy a book as a gift for the birthday party you or your child/ren have been invited too.
  • Blog about your favourite book,
  • Spend family time around a book, rather than in front of the TV
  • Curl up in bed or on the couch with a good book

What ever you decide to to enjoy yourselves!