Clean out Time…

About every six months we tend to have a ‘BIG” clean out. This is usually when the cupboards are overflowing with things all in the wrong places and when the children have seemingly grown out of the last lot of clothes we have purchased. Our ‘BIG’ clean out seems to come around quicker and quicker every year and this year it just happened to occur this week. Just in time for the cupboards to be clean and everything it their correct places for the new learning year.

So now the cupboards are all clean, we have piles of things ready to go to their new owners or to op shops, so that others may get some enjoyment out of them. I have a huge pile of home school text books that we no longer wish to use or keep, but they are all too good to throw away so they are going to be given to a friend of mine so he can use them and give them another lease of life. We also have three bags worth of clothes, that no longer fit the children, but have a lot of wear left in them. These are all set up ready to go into the brotherhood bin. I also have our large garbage bin full to overflowing with rubbish as we cleaned out all the unwanted work we have done over the last six months. We keep a lot of it, but we just can’t keep on keeping everything!

Our pergola is now also under control as well, as we removed all the Christmas decorations yesterday (6th of Jan) as per our tradition, and packed them all away again until next year. So our outdoor space again has more flow and room and feels so much nicer – rather than old and cluttered.

So we are now all ready for what ever comes our way – and it feels great!