Trouble in the Chicken Coop

Debbie and Ashley

Well I guess it had to happen. Chickens being renowned for having to establish and maintain their ‘Pecking order’. Bailey, our white chicken, decided that she will be at the top of the ‘pecking’ order and she has become quite aggressive to poor Debbie, who being the smallest chicken is an easy target.

Bailey had started ‘pecking’ Debbie, which we were aware of and watching, but once the ‘pecking’ became quite aggressive and caused injuries, we had to intervene. After a lot of stress and research we learnt that it is best to remove the aggressor away from the other chickens, and then after a number of days reintroduce them once more to the rest of the chickens in the bigger coop.

So with no where to put Bailey, we had to resort to removing the rabbit run from the rabbit cage and putting Bailey into that. The poor bunnies are now without an extended play area. So our need to get this chicken ‘pecking’ under control is paramount.

We also realised that the area we had designated for the chicken probably was not big enough, so had to find a way to extend their run also. So off to Bunnings Tata and Mama went on Monday to buy some chicken wire, posts and anything else we might need to be able to come home and erect a bigger chicken run for our newest editions to our family.

Starting to put the the new Chicken Run

Tata did a lot to help, but this time he was behind the camera taking photo’s not me….

We moved the old dog house (which has been here since we moved in), into the middle of the new chicken run. we were fortunate enough to have some left over fence paint. So Phinee used it to paint the dog kennel into a new are for the chickens use. The lick of paint makes the kennel look a million dollars and a nicer addition to our garden and chicken run.

I did manage to get a picture of Tata hard at work!

It was a very hot day, and took us quite a number of hours to finish the chicken run, but the end result gives the four chickens quite a large chuck of our back yard to enjoy. We decided to let the chickens out into their new chicken run.

Debbie and Ashley got to enjoy it first. After about 15 minutes, we heard a cry of HELP! the chickens are out! we could not believe it. Part of the wire had a hole in it, so we fixed it, double checked the whole of the chicken run found one other hole and fixed that too. Now hopefully there will be no more escapees!

All we have to do now is reintroduce Bailey to the new Chicken coop and run, and hope she does not attack Debbie again. If she does I am not sure what we are going to do with her… Fingers crossed for an easy ride…..

Happy Birthday Nan!

Happy Birthday Nan!

Well today is Nan’s Birthday, it is a day of celebration and joy. Unfortunately we do not live in the same state as Nan so we will be giving her a call a little later to wish her every happiness on this special occasion and best wishes for the next year.

Today we will also focus on learning something new that is in some way connected to Nan’s past. We might learn about where she was born, what it was like for her to go to school as a child, explore old photographs of her when she was younger… ah all these wonderful ideas and how much fun we can have!

Happy Birthday Nan! Enjoy your day!

Note — If you are interested to learn about the connections we made today related to Nan and her life, then please visit us again in a day or two to find out what we got up too!

Phinee’s Present for Nan

Nik’s Present for Nan