2012 Goals for a Brighter Day


I have set some goals on a personal level for myself, as we travel on our journey as a family to a deeper connection with each other, the earth, our heritage and community.

Here they are…

  • Document, document and document — I intend to document our learning in a new and hopefully more refreshing way. I want to really capture the learning, the skills, the fun and joy we share everyday of our lives as we learn, love and laugh together.
  • Limit Computer Usage — there will be a time and a place for online activities. There will no longer be ‘just one more minute’ or ‘in a sec’. Computers and online time will have a time and place. I have learnt over the last little while how easy it is for minutes to slip into hours, and before I know it precious time is  wasted online, when it should be devoted to other tasks. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem, but 2012 is the year I intend to try and get a grip on it, rather than it have a grip on me.
  • Become more self sustaining as a family unitwe are already working towards this by growing our own vegetables and fruits, as well as researching ways to be able to power our own energy needs, maintain our own water supply and so much more. Time, money and energy are the key restraints here, but we are slowly making strides in the right directions and that is all we can keep doing… I want to ensure this continues to happen, it is a very important for me to ensure my children know how to feed themselves and manage their own needs into the future.
  • Learn a new skill each month for 2012 — I intend to learn a new skill each month of this year in order to share that skill with – or along side – the children. I am not sure what skills I wish to learn but I am sure I will work that out along the way.
  • Become more frugal — I wish to learn and find ways to be more frugal so we can save more money without us actually having to work ourselves to death. Not sure how I will do this, but I am sure to find some ways and implement them.
  • Get healthier — Isn’t that something we all could do with achieving? I am not going to focus on my weight, but rather on getting healthier, eating better, sleeping regular hours and just being healthier. Already we have started this, 2012 will see me continue on this change to my life.