Fun with our Bunnies – Sooty and Fluffy

Today we learnt that if you call your Bunny by it’s name regularly it can learn what it is called and will respond to it in future. So as we have two new bunnies we have been patting each bunny and using their name to help them work out who they are.

We also learnt that Iceberg lettuces are supposed to be toxic to bunnies, so we will not be sharing any of our with them.

Fluffy loves to be groomed, which is great for his long hair, while Sooty loves to be patted, yet not picked up. Slowly the bunnies are getting used to us as we spend more time with them.

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On the 24th day of December…..

On the 24th day of December….. We had some fun cooking. The children decided to make Chocolate brownie cakes in Christmas Shapes as well as Rum Balls.

We also had to chase an escaped rabbit as Sooty managed to find a way out of the enclosure we had set up for him and Fluffy. The little bugger squeezes through the holes in the trellis to get out, so we are back to the drawing board to find a way to keep him in.

Our afternoon, involved torrential rain. It was so hard and fast that the down pipe on the house over flowed and we had to move the Christmas tree away from its usual spot underneath the pergola out side.

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