Our Flat Adventures Begin!

We have had some wonderful offers for the girls to go on Flat Travel Adventures all over the world that we have had to create multiple Flat Nik’s and Flat Phinee’s to explore the globe. In fact we have created three Flat Nik’s and three Flat Phinee’s.

The girls also want to explore Australia, so we have created the Flat Sisters (A photo of Flat Phinee and Flat Nik Together). As a pair they will be travelling all around Australia and reporting back to us their adventures along the way. So keep your eyes open for their Flat Adventures over the coming wees, months and year!

We are going on an adventure! – Watchout world here we come!

Well our studies are about to get a little more interesting. For quite some time now we have been looking at a way to introduce our children to the big wide world, beyond our own little garden and comfort zone. We would love to just up and travel around Australia, around the world in fact, but life is just not that easy. We are busy trying to save for those wonderful airline tickets we need to be able to go across the world and visit places like Singapore, New Zealand, Poland, UK and more. Our goal is 2019, which will be our 20th Wedding anniversary year.

Unfortunately our rate of savings towards this endevour have started to dwindle due to the ever increasing demands of daily life. Every time we turn around, their seems to be another thing we will need to be paying for – such as increased food costs, rising electricity charges, sky rocketing petrol prices and a carbon tax, in the near future if Julia Gillard gets her way!

Anyway, even with all these increasing costs of living, we have managed to find a way for the children to get to see the sights of the world, have fun, learn about different people, where they live and experience their cultures. It’s called Flat Travel and means that for just the price of a normal letter, they can fly first class around the world to any destination. All we need is a willing friend able to look after them when they land in their mailbox and who is also happy to show them around and take them to visit the many sights where they live, write about it and take loads of photo’s of our Flat daughter/s enjoying their holidays!

The children will be able to befriend a family, explore local customs, learn about news worthy issues where they are ‘hosted’ and also check out things such as the landscape, weather, food and so much more related to where they visit, what a wonderful learning experience!. Both Flat Phinee and Flat Nik are very excited about their upcoming adventures. First stop of the world travel for Flat Phinee is Sweden and Flat Nik will be going to the USA.

Here are some places Flat Phinee and Flat Nik would love to Visit!

Flat Niks dream itinerary of Places to Visit!

  • UK
  • Singapore
  • Big Australia (can you tell we live on Little Australia!?!)
  • Nanny and David’s House
  • Nanny and Poppy’s House
  • My God Mother’s
  • My God Father’s
  • Egypt
  • China, plus anywhere else I can go!

Flat Phinee’s dream itinerary of Places to Visit!

  • Poland (especially Bialystok!)
  • Every state and territory in Australia
  • Europe
  • UK
  • Alaska

So we thank those of you who are hosting our flat travellers for letting them stay with you. we can’t wait to see lots of photos of what Flat Phinee and Flat Nik are up too on their holidays, plus we can’t wait to read all about their adventures.

And to everyone else if you ever wish to have a Flat travel adventure in Tasmania, let us know!

**The idea of flat travel is based on a series of books about a boy named ‘Flat Stanley’. The story starts with Stanley Lambchop being accidentally flattened by a falling bulletin board. Stanley quickly establishes that being flat has it advantages such as being able to fit inside an envelope and be posted anywhere around the world.