Tasmanian Premier’s Reading Challenge 2011

Well over the last week and a half the children have been busy getting stuck into the Tasmanian Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2011. The challenge runs for ten weeks from the 16th of May until the 22nd of July. The idea is that the children each read ten books – around one a week – for the duration of the challenge. The books can be anything they choose to read that is age appropriate. We however set our own goals and rules for the challenge which differ from the exact rules of the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

For Phinee we have decided in consultation with her that she is to read a minimum of 20 books during the course of the challenge- which is roughly 2 books a week. It was agreed that Phinee can choose ten books to read and the other ten books will be chosen by Tata and I. So far Phinee has already read 5 books, 2 of which she has chosen herself and 3 that we designated. As always it is likely that Phinee will finish this challenge way ahead of schedule as she is a very active and strong reader who chooses to read books just for the sheer pleasure of doing it :).

As for Nik well the idea is for her is to try and read ten books during the challenge. Being only new to reading and just 5 years of age, We have chosen books for her to read that are engaging and meaningful plus we take the opportunity to read them with her first a few times, before she reads them to us. Already she has read three books for the challenge in just over a week, so we are very confident that she too will complete the challenge in the designated time frame.

The girls also love reading books together and here they are with a few of their favourites!

Time stands still while everything else passes you by

Well it has taken me over two weeks to bring myself to update what has been, and is happening in our lives at the moment. The title above is one that sums up exactly how I am feeling – for me – time seems to stand still, but for everything else it just passes me by. On the 8th of May my world fell apart. Now many who know me will understand this, while others may look and ask why. It was and is the saddest day to date for me even after everything I have lived through, having lost a parent just rips right into my heart and twists it with a extra nudge. Now I know it had been a number of years since I last seen my Dad, and that circumstances lead us to travel different paths at times, but he was and always will remain in my heart.

So it was with shear shock and unfolding grief that I received the news that my father had passed away on the 8th of May 2011 aged 62. I had just started work, having enjoyed the day at home celebrating mother’s day. The day that was so perfect suddenly came crumbling down. The news brought a trip to Victoria, to help organise and attend the funeral of my Dad. It was a graveside funeral, very simple yet very moving. I am sure had Dad been sitting there with us, rather than actually the main event, he would have approved.

My world seems to have just ended,

As I watch you leave the show,

My world seems to have just changed

And how – you will never know


My sky seems to be lighter

As you fly and do not fall

My sky seems to be brighter,

As you shine above us all

Rest in Peace dad, I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all those mums out there Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, I was spoilt by being woken up to a full cooked breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, mushroom, tomato and toast, along with a tall glass of orange juice and a cup of tea.

The children also made some wonderful gifts for me. Nik made a necklace out of wool, a flute out of paper, and a handmade card. Phinee gave me flowers in a paper vase, some charms made out of wool, a handmade card, plus a paper gingerbread man and a heart out of a leaf.

From them all including Tata I received a Galaxy Tab for Mother’s day. This is the best bought present ever as I can now read my PDF documents anywhere, access the internet and check my mail. I love it!

I hope where ever you are, if you are a mum, that you got as spoilt as I did – Enjoy yourself!

Happy Mother’s Day!