Weekly Update – 16th April 2011

We have definitely had a busy week.

Phinee has continued to read the The Roman Mysteries Series. She has finally finished reading all 17 books in the series and enjoyed them so much she has started to re read them all over again. She has also asked if we would be able to get the TV series of the same name which is based on the books. So Tata is seeing what he can do about this.

We have also started reading the Jackie French bookThe dog who loved a Queen‘ as a family. This is the second book in ‘The Animal Series’ books. It is based on the life of a dog who lived with Mary Queen of Scots. It is very engaging and well written. The children are also finding it fun to be reading from the dogs perspective, So much so that we have purchased all five books in The Animal Series range. Over the years we have read quite a few Jackie french books and found them all to be very entertaining as well as thoughtful and full of great information. We love her historical books best, but all the one we have read written by her are most enjoyable.

The girls have also been busy with Netball and Dancing throughout the week. Nik is busy training and rehearsing for the middle of the year concert, which will be held on the 20th of May. She is very excited about the fact that she will be performing on a stage in front of people, and in a costume as well! Phinee’s netball team are doing good they seem to be more cohesive now as a group and it definitely shows. This week they played one of the higher teams in the division and even though they lost, they played extremely well as a team.

We have started our own banking system and shop in the Gołąb house. So the girls have been busy earning ‘Gołąb dollars’ which they can trade in the end for certain items. This is our own family banking system. The idea is that the more extra jobs and work they do without having to be asked, the more Gołąb dollars they can earn in any given week. Once they have earnt the money they can either save it towards an expensive purchase (such as buying a Dog or Rabbit – these are the pets they both want) or they can use it to purchase smaller items from the Gołąb Shop. We have a list if items currently for sale from a lolly, a book, toy, trip to the cinema, bowling etc. The more money the girls save, the more interest they can earn. The more they spend the less they have. So far both girls are working hard to save for their desired pets. Nik wants a Rabbit, while Phinee wants a dog. These are both higher purchases within our Shop, so will take them both a  lot of hard work and around 4-6 months to save for them if they do not make any other purchases within this time.

The girls decided what items would be available to purchase within the Gołąb shop and how much each item was worth in Gołąb dollars to Purchase. They also decided what tasks and jobs they would be paid Gołąb dollars for completing and how much each would be worth. The things they hate doing are worth more than the things they do all the time and easily attend to. They are enjoying the experience and the ability to have more control over their money and purchases and we are enjoying the fact we do not have to ask twice at times for something to be done or remind the girls when a job needs attending too. These days they have usually done it before we realise!

The girls have also completed the usual weekly things such as spelling rules, Signpost maths, comprehension checklists, might mentals, dot to dots, Singapore Maths, projects and so much more!

Here is a few pictures of our week in action