Progressive Phonics has returned!

Years ago when Phinee was learning to read, I stumbled across on online website called progressive phonics. This started the whirl wind love affair that I have with this reading program. I found this site as Phinee had struggled through 12 months of learning to read at school and gotten nowhere.

The usual system of how children are taught to read these days totally failed her. So in sheer desperation I looked for an alternative method of teaching her to read. So over the Christmas Holidays of 2006 I stumbled across and started implementing progressive phonics. Back then the first few books were free in order to show you what the system offered and then if you wished you could purchase (for around $15 usd) the whole program. So I bought it and six weeks later Phinee was a confident reader and she has never looked back! My Money was more than well spent!

Roll on 2011, Now it is Nik’s turn to learn to read. She has always had a keen interest in books and loves to have stories read to her, but now she really wants to be able to read herself. So I brought out the progressive phonics books I used with Phinee and decided to also check out the website to see if any new books were available.. Well wasn’t I pleasantly surprised! Progressive phonics has definably progressed. The books have been rewritten and are now available totally free to anyone who wishes to register and download them! – Thanks to some sponsorship the creator managed to gain 🙂 – absolutely fantastic!

So here we are now enjoying the alphabetti books, beginner phonics books and the sheer delight in Nik’s increasing ability to read more and more words.

The books are very engaging, yet simple. The illustrations funny and overall the whole program amazing!

Dod and Bob are definite favourites in our house!

Here is a sneak peek at the Alphabetti books available at Progressive Phonics!

A Royal Story – Reading

This year, has seen Phinee with a keen interest in the Kings, Queens and Princesses of Scotland and England.

Thus a book hunt has been underway to find as many books as possible that have content suitable for her age and reading level. Phinee is quite a strong reader, so finding books on her relevant topic of choice is easy, but ensure the content is appropriate has been a little more tricky. We have however found a wonderful series of books called ‘My Royal Story’ which she has enjoyed immensely. Currently we are re-reading ‘Elizabeth’ together as a family.

This series of books are written in the style of a dairy and blend wonderfully vivid stories about Royal Queens and Princesses based on historical facts in a very engaging manner. And even though Phinee was not initially interested in some of these people, she now very much is! A great read!

Recipe – Choc Chip Cookies

Choc Chip Cookies


2 cups of self raising flour

1/2 tin of condensed milk

1/2 cup of sugar

1 egg

1 cup of choc chips (milk or dark chocolate)


Mix the flour, egg, condensed milk and sugar until it forms a soft mixture.

Fold the chocolate chips into the mixture.

Take small amounts of the mixture and roll it into a balls until all mixture is used.

Place on a baking tray.

Use a folk to press the balls down into a flatter cookie shape.

Place in oven hot fan forced oven at 190 degrees celsius  (200 degrees celsius for non fan forced)

Bake for 15-18 minutes. Remove when golden brown in colour.

Leave to cool slightly on tray before moving onto a cooling rack.


Praying Mantis

Last week while we were all awaiting being picked up to go on a monitoring visit, we noticed a new visitor to our garden. The girls were very excited by the visitors presence. A discussion was held about what kind of insect it was and where it came from. Nik was convinced it was a grasshopper, but after taking some pictures Phinee explained she thought it was a praying mantis as she had seen one before and they pull their legs up as this one had done when ready to fight or scare off other insects etc.

Regardless of what the insect turned out to be (yes Phinee’s observations seem to have turned out to be correct) our visitor was called ‘Cricky’ by Nik and their presence was enjoyed for almost 1/2 an hour. The girls had fun watching the prey mantis and discussion what it might eat, why it stood the way it does and so much more!

Nasz nowy samochód – Our New Car

Czerwony dlatego że to idzie szybciej!– Red Because it goes faster

Last Saturday we went and traded in our old Ford Falcon for a more economical car. The distances we need to travel to get to work, means we needed something smaller and cheaper to run. This Kia Rio stood out above all the other cars we looked at. It is only a few years old and has low mileage, which is always a bonus!

Considering it is a manual car and I have got used to driving an automatic over the last few years, it is very nice to drive. Now we just have to update the seven seater Hyundai for something smaller and cheaper to run also – guess that will mean me having six kids will go out the window – not that it was likely anyway!