Callington Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania

Today we took Babcia to Oatlands to Visit the Callington Mill. It is a Georgian tower mill which was built in 1837 and is situated at Oatlands in Tasmania. We had a wonderful day and were able to actually enter the mill and experience the inside wonder of it all. Unfortunately visitors are unable to take camera’s into the inside of the mill, so we can not show you the workings of it all. However we would highly recommend the guided tour to anyone with even the slightest interest in the mill itself or the history of the local area. Well worth the time and effort to share in this little slice of history at work.

We hope you enjoy the pictures we have to share with you!

Working in and around the Rose Garden

Well our Rose Garden was way out of control, so we got stuck into cleaning it up with babcia’s guidance and hard work we transformed it from an overgrown area to a well managed space.

A job well done by all who helped out!

Around our Town – Kempton

Well today we decided to take a walk around one side of Town to show Babcia were we live. Here is it Kempton in all its beauty :).

A family visit to the museum for Tata!

Well today we took Tata to the Museum. It is the first time that he has actually had the pleasure of visiting it since we moved here as usually he is working while we are out learning in and around the community. The girls were excited to show him all the different parts of the museum. Afterward we visited Mures and had some chips for lunch – very scrumptious!

Meet the newest member of our family – BroomHilda

I was so excited yesterday when finally I was able to bring home the newest member of our family to live with us. For quite some time now I have been looking for a ‘Kitchen Witch’ to come and share in our culinary delights. I had been looking high and low for many moons, but every witch that crossed my path just flew by on their besom and none actually took the time to grab my attention. That was until I caught a glimpse of BroomHilda.

I was just minding my own business walking around the Salamanca market, when I entered a stall. Then there in the corner of my eye I caught a peek of BroomHilda , Instantly I knew that she was the Kitchen Witch for me! Her sweet smile and ‘witchy ways’ just grabbed me instantly. I tried not to be caught with love at first sight and decided to continue to walk around the market. However in the back of my head, I kept thinking about BroomHilda and no matter what I did could not get her out of my mind, so after about an hour, I waltzed up to the stall and proceeded to request the pleasure of her company and she accepted.

Thankfully, once we arrived home, Broomhilda quickly settled in and has instantly been accepted by every member of our family.

So here she is – the wonderful BroomHilda our Kitchen Witch!

I am a kitchen witch riding my besom,
Love and affection I bring to your room,
Pots boiling over are a thing of the past,
With my kind of magic good fortune will last!