Back on board!

Well we are all finally back on board and running as normal – if you can ever really say what normal is!

We have finally managed to renovate, paint, re carpet and unpack all our belongings into our new house and also clean and return the keys for the rental house we used to live in in Austins Ferry – ‘used to live in’ how great that sounds to our ears! Especially since now we only have one house to worry about!

We are excited that we managed to get everything under control before the 1st of December. For this is when we start our Christmas craft, cooking and celebrations. Tomorrow we start the tradition of decorating the house for Christmas, cooking Christmas foods, making Christmas crafts, sending Christmas cards and the list goes on and on and on!

So from now on in, we should be able to blog again on a regular basis! which will be so much fun.

I promise to come back soon and add in posts detailing our adventures renovating, painting etc our new home – along with some interesting pictures!