The Waiting Continues…….

Well here we are – still waiting for some kind of update on what is happening with our House purchase. We are hoping that this is not going to drag on too much longer. All we want is to be able to complete this purchase and get on with the packing, moving and our new life.

Fingers crossed that we get some kind of good news sometime today – and therefore can set a settlement date and time for next week…


Reading in the Golab Family

I must say that we are very much avid readers in this house. We all have magazine subscriptions to monthly publications that we enjoy to read.

We also visit the library as often as we can and buy so many books for our personal collection that we thought it would be nice to share some of the books we have read recently.

Most of the books we buy we purchase online from as we have found their pricing to be extremely competitive and the range available mind boggling!

We hope you enjoy exploring these books as much as we have enjoyed reading them!