We have the keys to the Door.

Well after having to wait almost an extra 5 weeks from our original settlement date of 27th of September until today, for the vendors to work out their issues, we finally have the keys to the house we were buying in Kempton. Unfortunately the excitement has been overshadowed by the issues surrounding our purchase.

Now we have the huge job of cleaning the place up and getting the garden under control, painting the inside, removing some walls and replacing the carpet, all before we even think of moving in.

Ah the fun begins….


The October Edition of Glimpse has arrived!

Cover of the October Edition.

Well here we are another edition of Glimpse has finally been released. It has been a long month, but we have managed to get it finished. There are some wonderful articles in it this month and it is great to see our ‘Tassie’ enjoying his trip to Poland – some wonderful photos there!

Enjoy this one guys and I look forward to getting stuck into the next one!

Download: Glimpse Edition #3 – October 2010 – Home Education Tasmania

Finally I have been able to get back to work!

Well, I am happy to say that I was able to get back to work this week. After almost 5 weeks off, the doctor finally gave me the all clear and I have been able to go back and do my job. I am so relieved to be back at work as we have missed the money coming in – as I had no sick leave and the savings account was looking rather left behind.

I even managed to work a few extra hours this week, which will be very nice once the pay cheque comes in!

Day of Rest

Well today, Sunday, is the well known – Day of Rest. So in honour of this expectation, we did very little. Each of us managed to find something to do that was restful and relaxing for us. No one was expected to do any chores except clean up after themselves.

Phinee chose to read, watch some TV and also play her computer. Nik Chose to play computer and play with her toys. While Tata chose to fiddle around on his computer and I did some reading, blogging and tidied around the house.

A good day was had by all I think!

Spring Festival – At the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart

Well today we went into town to the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens to be a part of and enjoy their Spring Festival. Having just celebrated the Spring Equinox a few days ago, we took the opportunity to enjoy the fine weather and share in celebration of this wonderful time of year. The Botanical Gardens were in full bloom with tulips everywhere and wonderful flowers.

We wandered around the gardens for many hours and enjoyed the whole experience. The girls had a ride on ‘The Gallopers” which is a carousel ride which has been in operation for over 100 years. They sat together on a horse called “Mick”.

The children enjoyed time in the Animal enclosure

We watched “Punch and Judy”

Nik Enjoyed a Jump on the Jumping Castle

Both girls enjoyed time on the Climbing Wall

Phinee Made it all the way to the top!!!!

A fun day was had by all!