Today is Settlement Day – But will Everything be Settled on Time?

Well today is the day. The day when we are supposed to have our house purchase settled and finally get the keys to the door.

We are all excited, yet a little apprehensive too. As we don’t wish to get too excited, in case something goes wrong. BUT we do want to enjoy these last few moments while we can.

We are just awaiting confirmation that the sale has been finalised. Then we will be running off to the paint shop to purchase a few sample pots. A trip to the local supermarket will also help us pick up some cleaning products as the house needs a really big clean. No one has been living in it now for around six months and it shows. There is dust everywhere and everything needs a good spring clean. I can’t wait to get inside and clean, Clean CLEAN!

Once we have confirmation that we now own the house, we will need to get a quote on having the carpet replaced. We hope to do this in every room, but as always it depends on over all cost. Plus we need to have a small wall removed in the kitchen, so our fridge will fit in! – all in good time, let’s just hope we get the keys to the door today – Fingers crossed.


One More Sleep to Go!

Well here we are, one more sleep to go. We are yet to get excited. Mainly due to our solicitor telling us there could be an issue with the purchase going through tomorrow – due to the vendors side of things – not ours. So we have our fingers crossed that at 11.45am tomorrow the house will settle and finally be ours. We have so much to do, but until the settlement actually goes through there is not much we can do except sit and wait

Fingers crossed that everything goes to plan tomorrow!


Pre-Settlement Inspection

Well we were up early today to go to Kempton for our pre-settlement Inspection. For half an hour we roamed the rooms and garden of our new house. Checking out everything to ensure that it is as it should be.

Thankfully that part of it all has gone to plan, but now we await to see if Settlement actually passes on Monday and if we get the keys to the door 🙂


Seven more Sleeps to Go!

Well we have only seven more sleeps to go until we get the keys to the door!

Wow how time is going by so quickly. Everyone is very excited. We managed to find time over the weekend to go to the paint shop to check out what kind of paint we wish to buy, and also what colours we might like. I think we have settled on three or four colours, but will let you know more once we actually buy some sample pots and check out how they will really look on the walls. We are going for crisp yet warm colours,. They are not what we have chosen before to use, wen we have owned and painted our other houses, but I hope they will look good anyway!

Roll on the 27th!