History Pockets – A Fun Way to Learn and Homeschool

Recently I have purchased some more books to add to our collection as we learn about History and the Ancient Civilisations. I have come across some wonderful books that I just love. The children enjoy them too which is an added bonus.

Our initial focus is to be on Ancient civilisations as a whole starting with a quick overview on what these are and how they are defined. We are using a variety of methods to learn about these ancient civilisations and cultures. We have been to the local library and borrow a number of fabulous books on Ancient Civilisations. Some are easy read style stories, while others are more matter of fact.

However I have also purchased the following book to help us learn more about Ancient Civilisations through a more hands on process.

This books looks at Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient China and Ancient Aztec World. Providing activities related to each topic in a variety of styles.

We will also be taking a deeper focus on each Ancient Civilisation once we have completed our overview. So in preparation for this I have also purchased the following books, which look like so much fun too! I just hope the children agree!