Snow all Around

Well I must say that as we approached the beginning of September, we really felt that we had managed to escape the cold of winter here in Tassie. The weather had been so mild and the lack of rain quite good.

However the more we venture away from what is technically ‘Winter’ and move on over into ‘Spring’ the more we seem to experience colder, wetter weather and snow on the mountain!

Today there  is Snow on the mountain! but we are all set with jobs related to our move, so have no time to enjoy the snow today.

However, A few weeks ago, we did venture up to the top of MT Wellington, as the snow was covering it quite well. The girls had been bugging us all winter to visit so that they could play in the snow – as they remembered how much fun it had been the year before. However with our milder winter this year, we really thought our opportunities to ‘freeze’ atop the snow capped Mountain, where all but a dream.

That was until Spring arrived and the snow started to fall.

Here are some pictures of the girls enjoying the snow  and of their wonderful snow man as we headed into spring!