Positive Postcard Project

I wanted to share with you a wonderful project that I have learnt about. It is started by another Australian Home Educating Mum.

It is called the Positive Postcard Project and has been running from the 1st of July 2010 and will continue until the 1st of July 2011. This project has now ended

Jennifer sent me the following information about her project and I share it here with you in the hope that you may join in 🙂

We are a family of homeschoolers who publish and distribute a Newzine. Each month this newszine celebrates all things positive. We publish in both hard copy and e-newzine. Please email me if you would like a free e-newzine copy ( no longer linkable due to this activity now closed).We are currently living in a caravan touring Australia for a minimum of twelve months promoting our newzine. From 1st July 2010 to 1st July 2011 we are holding the Positive Postcard Project.

I thought this would be a great school project. You do not need to be a reader to participate. It is open to everyone worldwide and is a lot of fun. There are great monthly prizes with the major prize of the whole box of postcards and goodies to one lucky participant.

Postcards do not have to be purchased. Your imagination is your only limit. All we ask is that your postcard represents yourself and includes a positive message you wish to share with others. You may also include other items with your postcard if you like but your envelope must include at least one postcard.

What is it about?

The Positive Postcard Project is about sharing a little positivity and love with others. It is about unity around the globe.It is fun, laughter, hope and peace between fellow man regardless of race, sex or religion. It is about sharing a little about ourselves with others around the world and learning a little about another.

How does it work?

Our Newzine is currently travelling ‘The Road To Positivity’ around Australia . We will be on the road for a minimum of 12 months. Whilst on our travels we will collect a postcard from each town that we place our feet on the soil of. If a postcard is not available we will endeavour to collect at least one item. This may be a business card, coaster, part of nature or photo. Our imagination is our only limit.

During the next twelve months we are encouraging all to join us by sending us a postcard that represents themselves. It may represent where they live, their thoughts on life, their memories. On the back of the postcard we would like them to share a positive message with others. This may be a favourite saying, quote, poem of inspiration,verse, short story etc. Postcards do not have to be store purchased, instead they can be handmade encouraging creativity and thought. The only rule is they must be of a positive nature and include at least one positive message. You may also include other items in
your envelope as long as they are positive.

As we collect postcards and items we will take photo’s of them and blog them. Every person who sends us a postcard will go into the draw to win every item collected at the end of the 12 months. Thats right!
One lucky winner will receive a huge parcel of who knows what – of course there will be postcards but as we progress not even we know what will be added.

Prizes galore:

Major prize – the complete package of postcards and items that have been collected over the twelve months will go to one lucky winner. This will be drawn on 2nd July 2011.
Minor prizes: Each month we will draw one lucky winner from the postcards we have received and send them a parcel of goodies that we have collected along the way. All parcels will be a mystery parcel as even we do not know what will be in them until we travel along. Winning a minor prize will not effect your chances of winning the final major prize.

Most creative and most inspirational: Each month we will choose two cards that we have received within that month, one for the most creative, one for the most inspirational. These people will receive a one month hard copy subscription to good gabble and a pack of 12 photo cards.

So get creative, grab a postcard or design your own and send it to us.

There is no limit to the amount of postcards you can send but each postcard must sent seperately to count as one entry in the prize draws.Send one each month to make sure you have a chance in the monthly draw. Don’t forget to include your name and address. Do not place this on the postcard but on the back of the envelope or on a
seperate sheet of paper.

Send your entry to our kind sponsors,  who will make sure we get it safely and on time.


NOTE : Address removed as this project has been completed.