A Trip to Kempton

Yesterday the girls and I went for a drive out to Kempton. I guess you could say that we still find it hard to believe that we are actually going to own a home again, so I had to see if the for sale sign actually had a sold sticker across it – which it did. Like an overly enthusiastic new home owner, I had to get out of the car and take pictures of it! The neighbours across the road where out and about in their front yard and being a small town I bet that they definitely noticed us. I wonder what they may have made of this overly enthusiastic woman taking multiple pictures of the sold sign!?

Anyway, after photographing the sign for our own pleasure, we drove off and went to the main street. It was here that the children got to enjoy picking themselves a ‘special’ from the local  milk bar /store. Now this shop is not particularly big, but in a small town is an absolute life saver. Here we have access to almost everything we could need in a hurry and more. Milk, bread, newspapers, drinks, a small selection of groceries, confectionery and chips. They also have some hot and cold takeaway food, which is a bonus.

After our trip to the Milk Bar, we crossed the road and the children enjoyed playing in the playground that is attached to the local oval area. For me it was wonderful to see the children’s faces light up as they got the opportunity to play at their leisure.

Fun on the SeeSaw

Enjoying the view

All Smiles

Sisterly Love

Phinee particularly is excited to finally be able to have her own house to live in and is very enthusiastic about moving to Kempton. She is looking forward to doing things like being able to put in a veggie patch, hanging her medals on her bedroom wall and possibly owning a pet again. Nik on the other hand is also excited, but I don’t think she really understands how this will affect her, but she is looking forward to hopefully (with the assistance of Phinee) talking their Tata into letting them have a pet!