Well it really has not sank in yet that we are definitely purchasing a house here in Tassie.

Yesterday we received confirmation from our solicitor that everything is set and that he has notified the vendors solicitors. So the 21 day countdown has begun until we receive the keys to our new house.

We are so please with the town in which we have purchased our house. For many they could view it is a dying town, but with the growth and development within  Tasmania – and the Northern Suburbs of Hobart specifically – we see it as an opportunity to grab a piece of country living and yet still remain close enough to Hobart for work. This was a major point in our decision making process. As we had already lived in a rural community, we wanted that kind of lifestyle again, but we were also very aware of the issue of getting and retaining work. So in the beginning we narrowed our search area to specific suburbs and towns around Hobart to ensure that where ever we ended up, we could basically have the best of both worlds. Thankfully we found a wonderful house to buy within this area, and as they say the rest is history!

So where did we choose?

We chose the historic town of Kempton, just off the Heritage Highway, Kempton had once been a bustling Coaching town. Now however it appears more like a  old world colonial Settlement with it’s 19th century-style streetscape. It is located within the Southern Midlands Council and just 49 Kilometres North of Hobart. It has a population of around 300 People and some magnificent Buildings – most of which are up and down its main street.  The first land grant went to Anthony Fenn Kemp in 1817. He established the property called Mount Vernon which sits to the North of the town.  This area was settled in the early 1820’s and originally known as Green Ponds, before it had a name change in 1838 to the name which is holds today – Kempton – named after Mr Kemp himself.

Now we just can’t wait to get hold of our Keys to the house and be able to live there!