The Journey has Begun!

Well today seems to be a historic day for us as a family.

Ever since I met my husband, we have managed to move around a lot. Sometimes it was for work, sometimes for family and other times just for change. We have lived in over 13 houses in the last 12 years and owned two of them!

I guess in the beginning, we moved because we rented – and each time a lease came due, we would try to get better value for the money we paid each week. This always created disruption, but as the move was mostly within a localised area, it meant we could retain the ties with the area and friends we had made over time.

I guess the next phase of our life was to move for change. We had been living and working in Melbourne and wanted to get more out of life for us and the children. We picked ourselves up moved hours and hours away from the city to a small country town with a population (at the time) of around 660 people. We were nearer my family. The change was great for a while, we purchased our own house, ran our own business, became part of the community and enjoyed the slower pace. After six months we received an offer on our house for more than we paid for it (even though we did not have the house on the market or wish to sell it). The offer meant we could purchase another, bigger house around the corner that would meet our needs better. So we took the plunge and sold our house and purchased another. This time we had no mortgage and life seemed to be great.

A few years later, the dry dusty landscape and the hot weather got the best of us – that coupled with living in a town that was loosing its population at a reasonably fast rate as well as many of  its services, we opted to put the house on the market and see if we could sell it. We were blessed, the house sold very quickly and for a price almost everyone said we could never achieve! – especially so far out in the sticks!

So our next move came about both from the need for cooler weather and access to more opportunities for us and the children as well as for family reasons. Just before our house settled, we moved 7-8 hours away to the other side of the state of Victoria. It was hillier here and much greener. We also were closer to Hubby’s family. We began the merry -go-round of renting again. We enjoyed our time within this community, however the need for more work, soon seen us up and moving back to Melbourne to gain a better financial position.

So after moving yet again to Melbourne – we settled in and rented once more. With it came the opportunity to move as each lease expired to a more suitable residence. We were able to maintain the friends and links as we moved from house to house, but after a few more years we decided that it was time once again for a sea / tree change.

I guess that brings us to where we are today. In April 2008 we up and moved interstate, across the water to the island state of Tasmania. We had been to Tasmania before – on holiday, and loved the place. Hubby had wanted to move here ever since I met and then married him – so finally the big dream had come true.

We opted to rent again, to ensure that we truly were happy here before we sank money into purchasing a house. We truly wanted to get to know the state and area of Tasmania and decide if it truly was for us. We came to the conclusion very quickly that Tasmania was definitely were we are meant to be. It offers us the ability to be near the capital city for work, yet far enough away to have that country lifestyle we crave and the slower pace.

So after 2 1/2 years of renting and living in Tasmania, we have finally set in motion the wheels to purchase a house  and now have a settlement date! The journey has begun to set up permanent roots within this island state!

Roll on September 27th!