History Pockets – A Fun Way to Learn and Homeschool

Recently I have purchased some more books to add to our collection as we learn about History and the Ancient Civilisations. I have come across some wonderful books that I just love. The children enjoy them too which is an added bonus.

Our initial focus is to be on Ancient civilisations as a whole starting with a quick overview on what these are and how they are defined. We are using a variety of methods to learn about these ancient civilisations and cultures. We have been to the local library and borrow a number of fabulous books on Ancient Civilisations. Some are easy read style stories, while others are more matter of fact.

However I have also purchased the following book to help us learn more about Ancient Civilisations through a more hands on process.

This books looks at Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient China and Ancient Aztec World. Providing activities related to each topic in a variety of styles.

We will also be taking a deeper focus on each Ancient Civilisation once we have completed our overview. So in preparation for this I have also purchased the following books, which look like so much fun too! I just hope the children agree!


So Cold over Night

Last night Tata kept commenting on how cold it was. We had managed to go a few days without any heating on in the house, but around 7pm yesterday we could feel a real drop in the temperature – and this is when Tata mentioned how cold he felt. So for the first time in days we put the heating on, to try and warm the house. We also decided that we would leave it on overnight (even though it can cost us a bomb) as it was far to cold to turn it off and the extra money we would save was not worth the chance in any of us getting sick.

Anyway, this morning we realised just how cold it had become overnight as we awoke to snow all around us. When we got up and looked out from our veranda, towards the river and mountains, we could see snow on all the mountain tops, especially Mount Dromedary. Unfortunately from where we live we face the wrong direction to see Mt Wellington, but the children and I did go for a drive today around 2pm and checked out the snow on top and took some pictures. I will try to add them here a little later.

Currently it is 6 degrees Celsius here in Hobart, with an expected low of 2 overnight, with more rain and cold expected tomorrow. So no doubt the snow will be thicker on top of the mountains tomorrow when we get up again..

Definitely not like spring time here!

Still no Cigar

Well we still have not managed to get the purchase of our house through yet. The vendors are still having issues and we are still having to wait. The most frustrating thing is that we (and our solicitor) do not really know when the issue is likely to be resolved. Which is a real pain in the BUTT!

So for now, it is still a waiting game. We just hope the wait is not for too long or we will have to see what our ‘other’ options are – and we don’t really wish to do that…

Fingers crossed for a swift end to this house purchase and settlement.


Déjà vu – One More Sleep to Go!

Well here we are AGAIN! – One more sleep to go. Hopefully this time we will get the keys to our new house and everything will be over – or as we should say about to begin!

We are excited, yet reserved. I guess until we have the keys in our hot little hands, we won’t really believe that the house is ours – as yesterday proves, anything is possible! – and not everything is under our control…


Sad News – but always a Silver Lining!

Well I am sad to report that the settlement did not go as planned today. The Vendors were unable to resolve the issue from their end in time.

However the Silver lining is that everything is resolved from the vendors side now, so we should have no issues on Wednesday when the settlement is scheduled to take place at 2:15pm.

So even though we are disappointing we did not get the house today, we are excited that the vendors issues have now been fixed, which will allow us a smooth purchase of the house on Wednesday.

So back to counting down the Sleeps we go!