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Glimpse is a free monthly Secular Global Learning newsletter we have created that you can download. Glimpse  stands for – Global Learners In Many Places Sharing Experiences

You can find the first edition here… Click to download!

I have also sent up a way for interested people all over the world to subscribe to Glimpse. This system will email you to reminded you when each monthly issue is available for download.

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Work is now underway on the second issue of Glimpse.

The overwhelming response to the first issue is one of positive abundance, which is fabulous considering all the hard work everyone put into creating it.

Now though the focus is on spreading the word about this new resource for others to learn about it and hopefully join in.

The focus is also on the two new topics for the second edition, where a special focus will be put on delving into the following topics:

– Bringing History to Life
– Science in Everyday Living

Here’s hoping that Glimpse just grows and grows – Keep spreading the world – PLEASE!

Another Season of Club Netball all but finished

Jah in her Club Netball Uniform

Well today we watched Jah play her final game for OHA Under 11’s Netball team at Creek Road. She did  a great job playing this season and has enjoyed it immensely for the most part. The last few weeks we have all taken it in turns to feel sick, so Jah has not always managed to get to every training session, but I think she only missed one or two games for the whole season, so a fabulous effort from her.

Jah still has another three weeks of Schools Netball where she plays for Brighton under 11’s A division Netball team. So now we look forward to enjoying the rest of that season.

The question for Jah now is ‘Do I play Club netball in the Spring roster or not?’ guess time will tell!

Glimpse- Global Learners In Many Places Sharing Experiences First Edition now available – FREE

Front Cover of the first edition of Glimpse

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to share with you the link to the first edition of  GLIMPSE – Global Learners In Many Places Sharing Experiences  newsletter, which is more like a magazine!

Glimpse is a monthly secular publication for homeschoolers, home educators and people with a love of  learning from a home base.  It is free and I think well worth a read. Hope you enjoy it!

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