House Hunting

Well we have been busy house hunting. The dream of owning our own home again seems to be such a big task and so stressful. First we not only have to find the kind of home that we think will fit the ever changing needs of our family, but then we have to ensure that we can secure the much needed funds to purchase it. We seem to have been saving and saving since forever, yet still we can’t find the house we feel really fits the bill for us…

Fingers crossed that we will be able to find it soon, especially since we don’t particularly want something Big and flash!

Sunday is ‘BUN” Day around Here!

Well here we are! Already it is the last day of the week – or depending on how you view life, the first day of the week! Regardless of where you think Sunday may fall within the seven day structure,  Sunday is always Bun day here at our house.

In this house, our love of freshly baked buns has turned into something of a tradition – come Sundays. For quite some time now, every Sunday it has been our destiny to get up and go and buy buns from our local bakery. Then once home we top then with spreads of butter, jam and Vegemite or in the instance of one of us, nothing at all!

I am not really sure when the act of buying buns (Knot rolls to be precise)  as a Sunday treat suddenly turned into a must have addition along with our Sunday newspaper. But it has, and for quite some time we have enjoyed this relaxed atmosphere and start to the day.

Also around here, Sunday  traditionally means – roast day at our house too. We always have roast meat, roast potato, pumpkin, carrots and such like and the ever trustworthy mash potato on hand.

Argh, now wonder Sundays seem to be our favourite day with such predictability and tradition surround it!