Glimpse – Global Learners In Many Places Sharing Experiences

Well I have been very busy… and as a result I have a new project underway. Over the last little while I have been busy working to establish a small group of individuals in order to create an online publication / newsletter dedicated to sharing learning around the globe.

I have been very fortunate in being able to get this off the ground and currently there is a wonderful group of us individuals working on the first edition. We live in the USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

We have decided to call this publication ‘GLIMPSE – which stands for ‘Global Learners In Many Places Sharing Experiences’

This newsletter (which is fast turning into something more like a magazine type product) will have a theme each month that participants can join in by sending in articles related to the theme of the month. Each new issue will outline the theme for the following month. Articles will be written by individuals from a personal perspective and the hope is to showcase our children’s learning with other like minded home educators. However to be involved, people only have to have a love of learning, they do not have to specifically home educate, just be open and friendly to the idea.

There will be no advertising, no political content and no religious content either.

The first editions theme is ‘Introducing your family…’ and the deadline for articles for consideration is Monday the 26th of July 2010. The first edition will be available in PDF format and either sent in email or made available for download from this website. Anyone who is interested in learning more or joining in, please email for further details.

It is important to know that if you chose to join in, you acknowledge that the newsletter / publication will be created as a PDF file and will be emailed or downloaded from a website (if size too big) to other families around the world who say they are homeschooling. You must understand that anyone can potentially have access to any of the information you provide for inclusion into the newsletter. Therefore it is very important NOT to add any personal or real identifying details to your articles, etc. unless you want others anywhere in the world to know that information about you. Even keeping this in mind, we are sure we can all create a wonderful resource for us to learn and share from each other with!

We hope some of you may find this opportunity worth while. If you feel this may be of interest to others please direct them to this website rather than posting the info else where ! Thanks!

The end of another week passes by…

Sunday, Sunday!

Well here we are another week is coming to a close. I can’t believe that already I have finished my job at SMC over a week ago. Where does the time go?

This week we have been busy working on some formal book work. Nik has been doing Australia Related work. She was able to colour in the state in which she lives on a map in red and also the state in which she was born in pink. The other states could be any other colour. It is incredible to know that even at her age she can easily identify where she lives and where she was born as well as on a world map where she was born and where her Tata was born too, even though she can not read the place names, she knows by sight. She keeps telling us that one day she wishes to travel to Poland to see where Tata was born.

Jah has been busy learning about Amelia Earhart. We have watched the movie ‘Amelia’ about her life and have also been doing some lapbooking and research about her also. Jah enjoys this style of learning. Jah has also been busy with her artwork and drawing lately. She has taken to drawing on black paper and trying to capture moments in the Doctor Who series. She is doing a great job too.

Learning about Australia and where we come from

Learning about Australia and where we come from

earning about Amelia Earhart

Learning about Amelia Earhart

Back on track – again!

Well I must say that it was a welcome change to our morning today. Firstly we all got up early with Tata, to see him before he ventured off into the world to go to work. Then we were able to relax and watch TV for the first time in over 3 weeks. The girls enjoyed the slow pace of the morning immensely, especially not having to get into the car and go off to work with me by the usual 6.45 in the morning!

After relaxing in front of the TV for a while, we then all got dressed and ready. Then it was time for us to get stuck into some of our learning for the day. I must say that the children were very excited to be able to jump in and do their school work and not be interrupted at 11am, for us to get ready to go to work. It did seem strange for me to no longer have to go to work, but it also was great not to have your day cut in too.

Anyway, we spent much of the day working out what we are going to be learning about. We have chosen to learn about Amelia Earhart over the next few weeks and have some wonderful resources to use along the way. We also have the movie about her life to watch, so that should be fun.

Nik spent some of the day writing and drawing. She has created a wonderful set of pictures to send to her penpal  ‘CC’ in America. Tomorrow I hope to sit down with her and help her write a letter to him. NIK loves receiving little things from ‘CC’ and we are encouraging her to send him little things back too.

Jah has also been busy today. Apart from her usual writing and maths Jah has helped me to organise the last of the exchange envelopes we need to get into the mail. I am hoping that we will be posting them off tomorrow. This has also been a very valuable experience that we have enjoyed sending as well as receiving. I still have photos of another exchange envelope we received from Texas to show you, so will add that in a little later.

Until then, stay safe!

Cutting with Scissors..

We have been trying to get Nik to use scissors correctly and as such she has taken to cutting shapes and creatures out of paper to enjoy and play with. Some of the creations she comes up with are just gorgeous. She always gives them a name and everyone has to meet them.

Here are some of her latest additions to our home and her play friends!

Mr Monster

Mr Monster

Happy Face

Happy Face