ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) Monthly Population Survey.

Well we have been selected by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) to be apart of their monthly population survey.

It all stated a few days ago when we got a letter in the mail saying that we, the occupants of our address, have been selected to be a part of this survey group. We had to ring a number, which we did, and organise for a call back for next week – which is when they actually start taking the responses. According to the leaflet they provided with the letter, we are required to answer the survey questions once a month for the next 8 months. The only way we can get out of doing it is to move house.

Apparently, these surveys have been carried out since 1960 and are designed to provide regular information about the Australian population and it’s civilian workforce. They look at the flow of people in and out of work, looking for work, in retirement, hours worked, occupations, type of industry worked in and what steps you take to find work if unemployed. They also have the right to ask about education, the environment, conditions of employment and child care arrangements.

I guess it is going to be an interesting few months ahead of us!

Want to learn more about the ABS’s Monthly Population Survey? Click Here….

Why wont it just go away?

I just can’t believe that we are all now sick, and my thought of me missing out has finally come to bite me in the bum! This morning when I woke up I felt dreadful. My head was heavy and felt like I have a headache coming on. My nose is also dreadful. It is not running, but clogged and every time I blow it, the mucus is green and full of blood. My eyes are sore and I am constantly squinting. So I have a doctors appointment to check me out, which I can’t get to until tomorrow. Tata and the girls are also booked in to make sure that they too are not getting sicker and to make sure we have not missed something along the way.

I am hoping that this sickness I have is not connected to my sickness earlier in the year, when I had to have two weeks off work. Then I was experiencing dizziness, coughing up blood and lots of other horrible symptoms. They could not find the connection to the coughing up blood then, so hopefully this blood issue is not related and is not part of a much more sinister and hidden agenda.

I just wish that we can all get over this and back to good health real soon as Tata has already been off work almost all week, Nik has been sick for almost two weeks and now Jah and I have started to fall sick too. And winter has not even officially started yet!