Still sick and off colour

Well I hate to say it, but everyone in our house is still sick and off colour. Everyone that is but me. Tata has been off work since Monday with a medical certificate and he is unlikely to go back to work until next Monday. Nik has also been sick and Jah too. They all seem to have a temperature that fluctuates constantly. They are also experiencing runny and blocked noses, very sore throats that are so sore at times the girls have complained at swallowing their own saliva. I think they have all complained about every part of their bodies aching at one point or another.

We have the heating on in the house to keep them all warm and also they seem to slip under doonas and sit on the couch most of the time to watch TV and just relax. None of them have any energy for anything more. Sleep time is a nightmare as lying down aggravates their nose and throat and therefore makes it uncomfortable to sleep.  Thankfully I have been able to continue to go to work and the girls have been able to stay at home in the warm.

I just hope that the three of them manage to get over it all soon…