Tuesday Happenings

Well today started out a great day – Not! It started out with little sleep and then Tata staying home from work as he is sick. Thankfully he was able to also have Nik stay home as she too is not good.

Anyway, I spent much of the day out shopping with a good friend of mine. It was  a great day and not having any children with us made it a nice change for me. Usually I always have the children with me, so a day without them was most welcomed. We checked out Spotlight, Diva, Your Habitat and a lot of other shops too.

After our shopping spree we drove home and I picked up Jah, before returning my friend home and leaving Jah with her. Jah was to go to Netball to play for the Brighton Maroons today as it is the first day of the schools netball. Yes I know that Jah does not ‘technically’ go to school, but we are fortunate that she is able to join in the local schools team in order to play and enjoy a sport that she loves.

Thankfully, even under dark clouds of threatening rain, Jah played centre position and was captain of the game. The team worked well together and Jah and her team mates managed not only to have fun but to win 8 to 0, which was a great score.

Let’s hope that net week the rain stays away and that the girls also have a great game.