The Masquerade Party was a HUGE Success!!!

Well after lot of hard work by a number of home ed children the Home Ed masquerade party date finally managed to arrive. The mount of energy and enthusiasm the children had put in, facilitated by one very dedicated mum and a number of other very supporting families, was evident from the moment you arrived at the venue.

The atmosphere was electric, the energy amazing and the night a huge success. During the night a number of different competitions where held. Jah managed to win the ‘Guess the number of lollies in the jar’ competition. I can’t believe that she managed to guess the exact number!

Here are some pictures of her – dressed up to go to the party and with her prize!

All dress up and ready to go!

And the Winning Number is ...... 195

The Masks are finished!

We had another day today with the children busy working on their masks. They each added glitter to them and then decided to add feathers. We did go into spotlight in Hobart to look at all the different feathers available, before deciding on which ones to buy. The choice was narrowed down to three different types, before the final decision was made on which ones to use once we had arrived home and could take them all out of their packets to see just what they would look like.

Here are some more pictures…

Adding the Final Touches

The Glitter is done!

And the Finished Masquerade Masks!

Nik's Masquerade Mask

Jah's Masquerade Mask

Preperations are Underway!

Well the girls have been busy today decorating their masquerade masks. Jah has a home ed Masquerade Party to attend on the weekend and Nik will be staying home with mum to have her own little party. So together they have been busy deciding just how to decorate their masks today and then started out doing it. There was a lot of thought and effort put into the masks. Here are some pictures of them working on it today.

Starting to work on their Masks

Nik hard at Work

Jah busy painting

Another Win for Netball

Today Jah played her second game with her schools netball team and again they managed to play a great game and win! I can’t wait until I am able to actually go and watch Jah play one of these games. Unfortunately they play from 4-5 pm and therefore at this stage it is when I am normally working. Thankfully we have some wonderful people who are willing to go out of their way and help us out to ensure that Jah gets to training and games, while neither Tata or I are in a position to get her there ourselves.

Thanks a bunch to those who help us, you know who you are and we truly appreciate it!