Poetry in Motion

Today JAHG spent alot of time working on reading and writing Poetry. We discussed a variety of different styles of poetry writing and afterwards JAHG decided to try her hand at writing Haiku poems as well as an Acrostic Poems

For those who do not know a Haiku Poem is of Japanese origin and they do not rhyme. These poems are usually based on nature or the seasons and they have the following structure:

Line 1: Five Syllables

Line 2: Seven Syllables

Line 3: Five Syllables

JAHGS Haiku Poems are below!

Fast Horses

Galloping Horses

They like to run through the wind

Then all is quiet


The bees buzz gently

The mother bee sings to them

Then all is quiet

Also an Acrostic Poem is poetry that is written using a word or phrase where each letter of the word of phrase is used as the staring letter of each new line.

Here are JAHG’s Acrostic Poems

















Numbers in Action

Well today started out wonderful. The children were early to rise, which meant that we were able to start our school work at 8am a planned.

This morning NIK concentrated on her cutting and pasting skills, with her work sheets. She had to cut out pictures of teddy bears with numbers on their bellies, and then assemble and paste them into her work book to show which way the numbers go. NIK is doing great with her number recognition. She was able to tell me yesterday that 4 is ‘my number’ meaning how old she is and then she went on to tell me that 2 plus 2 equals her number. I had not anticipated that she would be able to work this out herself with no input from anyone, but she did. She loves to count and also to sing songs that utilise the numbers system such as ‘Ten green bottles, sitting on the wall’, ‘1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive’ and many more. It is great to see NIK flourishing in her learning and having so much fun with it also.

NIK”S Learning Blossoms

What a wonderful day we have had today. The girls have been busy with their work. I mentioned to them the need for us to get stuck into work. JAHG grabbed her maths book and started working away at that while NIK also grabbed her Maths book and wanted to work with it.

I find it amazing to see how quickly NIK is progressing with her learning. She is only in Kinder this year, so it is the first year that I actually asked her to sit down with formal work to learn. She has adapted well to the sitting part and has quite a long attention span, which is great. Today NIK spent much of the day working with numeracy. We started out dealing with shapes. NIK had to identify each shape and then colour it a specific colour, which was designated by the actual shape of the item. So an orange needed to be coloured yellow like the circle, a book needed to be coloured blue like a rectangle and a ice cream cone needed to be green like the cone shape. This proved to be a great exercise for her. After we dealt with the shapes and colours, we progressed on to numbers. NIK has quite a grasp on numbers and can easily count to 10 without any issues, however actually writing each numeral is proving to be a little slower for her to learn.

Working well together

Well today the girls were working well together. We have struggled at times to have the girls working independently on their own stuff within the same space. Mainly because NIK likes to talk her way through her work and JAHG likes it to be quiet. Today was a great day though as NIK concentrated on her cutting and pasting skills while JAHG busily went about her English and Maths work. Lets hope we get more great days in the near future!

NIK busy working

NIK busy working

JAHG busy Working

JAHG busy Working