Sunday, relaxation and homelife.

NIK with her new Monitor

Well after our quiet day at home yesterday and having to unpack everything we took away on holiday as well as everything we purchased while away. NIK was quite excited to finally have a nice new monitor for her computer. Up until now she has always had a big bulking old style monitor, but no more! As from Today she has a slim line flat screen monitor, which gives her so much more room at her little desk!

Today has been very similar to yesterday for us. We have relaxed around the house, done some simple cleaning and organised everything for work tomorrow. We managed to speak with JAHg via Skype, which is something we have not used for a while, but intend to start utilising again – sooner rather than later.

Even though the day was rather quiet for us, the atmosphere has been far from its usual self. There are a number of fires around the area, which has caused us to have a very reddish sky  and a lot of smoke about. I tried to capture the feel of it in a photo, but still this does not do it justice at all, but I will share it with you anyway!

Red Sky at Day

Oh it is so nice to be back home!

Well I must admit that I am happy to be back home and so is SZG and NIK. We had a great trip on the Spirit of Tasmania I yesterday and arrived home around Midnight. The value of sleeping in your own bed can never be underestimated. We loved every minute of it. Also just to be back home in your own house is great also.

We did however enjoy immensely our time with family and friends. It was very extremely unfortunate that we did  not get to see DJB which was our main aim of going over to Victoria. My mother had informed me (when I first let her know that we were coming over, two months earlier) that they would not be at home at all the week we were to be in Victoria, In fact they would be in Sydney. So this made it impossible for us to be able to catch up with them and see DJB. The girls were very disappointed (as both SZG and I were) at not being able to see Nan and Grandad, but even more so to be unable to see their older brother.

While our day today was a quiet one, JAHG seemed to be out and about more, while at Babcia and Dziadek’s House. Here are some pictures of her spending time with them and also walking their dog Monty and their friends dog bella. Seems like she definitely had a great day!

Spirit of Tasmania I – here we come!

Well today was our day to head home. We had packed our car the night before and then got up really early this morning to have some breakfast, say good bye to Babcia, Dziadek and JAHG (JAHG is staying an extra few days and will fly back to Hobart with Babcia on the 2nd of February), before actually getting into the car to drive from Churchill in the Latrobe valley  to Melbourne to board our ferry back to Devonport Tasmania. It was amazing just how much traffic was still on the roads at 4.30 am as we left on our journey into the City of Melbourne. SZG and I commented that the amount of traffic at this hour of the day (4.30am) was basically more than what we have seen in Hobart or Launceston at Peak hour!

When we arrived at the ferry terminal we were greeted with the news that we would be travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania I. Until now we had always manage to travel on the Spirit of Tasmania II, so this boat was a new experience for us, even though they are said to be the same! For much of the trip, we enjoyed the comfort of our Cabin, sleeping when ever possible and just reading our magazines, books and NIK drew some pictures to fill in the time.

All the while JAHG was starting out back in Churchill on her first grand adventure without Mum, Tata or NIK, as she stayed behind at Babcia and Dzadek’s house for about another week. Lets hope she has lots of fun! As for us we can’t wit to be back home!

Fun at Babcia and Dziadek’s House

NIK, JAHG, Dziadek and Monty the Dog.

Today we spent the day at Babcia and Dziadek’s House. The children enjoyed this immensely. It has been almost two years since we have visited them at their house, yet it seemed like yesterday once we got there. Both girls were very excited to see Monty the dog and Marnie the cat. Monty was very accomodating in sticking around for photo opportunities, however the same could not be said for Marnie as he did very well at hiding away.

During the day we did lots of things, such as visiting Pra babcia’s grave, going for a walk. JAHG did some bead craft – Making necklaces and bracelets for us all. NIK enjoyed a play with Monty, who is almost as big as her and a great day was had by all.

JAHG hard at work with her beads making Jewellery.

Visiting Pra Babcia’s Grave – Churchill, Victoria.

Today we decided to take time out to visit Pra babcia’s Grave. We have been to visit there before but not for a very long time. The girls enjoyed the experience and talked about Pra Babcia. NIK wanted to know why she was there. I explained that she had died and now this is where she laid. Why did she die? NIK questioned, so I tried to explain to our young daughter just how Pra babcia came to be lying there in the cemetery. Just as she seemed to grasp the whole situation, she said to me, so Babcia and Dziadek will be here soon too as they are old! Hence another conversation started about what is old and what is very very very very old as Pra Babcia was well into her 90’s when she died.

Now NIK understands that Babcia and Dziadek should have a lot more years ahead of themselves before they come close to being as old as Pra Bacia was when she died. So will hopefully be around for a lot more years still to come!