Another Quiet day at home for us All!

Well today was another quiet day at home for us all. We managed to sleep in, as SZG had the day off work. Then once we did get up, we just hung around the house for much of the day.

We played wow during the afternoon for a short period of time together, then played Yahtzee after dinner all together. JAHG manages the game well and can quickly work out what dice she needs to keep and which ones to roll again. She was extremely excited when she manage to hit a ‘YAHTZEE’ during our second game of the evening.

NIK on the other hand is just starting to understand what the game is all about. She likes to roll the dice and can then match up the pairs and for the most part count from one to six. She did however have more fun tonight trying to write the letters within her name while we all tried to play Yahtzee around her. She did quite a good job of her ‘N’ and also the ‘A’ and ‘T’ Letters, just have to help her learn to write the rest of the letters and then put them in the right order to spell her name! I am sure she will grasp it sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow we will be starting to set up our books and folders etc for our learning next year. The children started holidays on the 1st of December and were scheduled to start formal learning again on the 4th of January, but as I have been called in to start my job a whole month earlier than expected, they will be starting a little later. Also while I am at work they will both come with me. So for the next few weeks they will be doing alternative activities as part of their learning and we will be easing into it all, as we will not start our formal learning until the 9th of February. This is when I will no longer be working full days (as school holidays will be over for the mainstream sector) and then I will only be working from 2.30pm to 6pm. Thus the girls will have other children to play with on a daily basis.

Both Girls are looking forward to sitting down and setting everything up tomorrow for the new year of learning. I just hope they enjoy going to work with me every day, once I start work next week, and the activities organised for the Vacation care program!