Long and Lonely Saturday

Well today was our usual Saturday. SZG had to go to work, which is something we would prefer not to happen, but as it is only one out of every three Saturdays we manage to live with it.

The Children and I just stayed at home and did some house work. I also had to put the finishing touches on the THEAC newsletter, which is all put finished, I just have to wait for final figures from the office and then THEAC can send it away to have it printed out and posted to all the families.

Thankfully the weather was reasonable and I managed to get some washing cleaned and dried and put back away again. They had forecast drizzle for the day, but we did not see much of it and managed to enjoy some nice weather, even if a bit cloudy and on the cooler side.

After Dinner we decided that as Tata was still at work that we would pop in and see how he was going. We know that he has a lot of work to do, but he must get lonely sometimes working in a building when no one else if there. Thankfully the drivers pass by now and then and drop in for a quick chat. He also has music on so that also helps to make the atmosphere a lot less quiet.

Anyway, after a long and lonely shift Tata finally finished work at 11pm, after starting at 8am and arrived home. Once the children were all tucked up in bed, we watched a TV Series together called Rush, before heading to bed around 2am.