End of Year Lightening Storm – the View from our Front Verandah!

Well the lightening started around 9pm tonight while we were sitting at the Hobart Waterfront enjoying the Taste Festival new Years Eve Party.

However once we got home I was finally able to catch some of the action with  my camera! here is the result!

Lightening Strikes which started Bush fires in and around our area!

Lightening Strikes which started Bush fires in and around our area!

There are also some great images of the Lightening over Hobart on new Years eve here:

Lightening in Hobart 31st December 2009!

A Taste of Hobart’s New Years Eve Taste Festival Party!

Our lead up to 2010 has been a night out at the Hobart Taste Festival New Years Eve Party, where we watched the family fireworks. It has been a night full of intense heat which only minutes after the family fireworks finished(at 9.30ish pm) was followed by flash torrential rain! That lasted only 5-10 minutes!

We were drenched to the bone! But a lot of fun was had!

Here are some photos of the Fireworks we seen- Enjoy!

Here is also a short Video of a few minutes of the fireworks. They went for around 15 minutes and where very captivating!

Terveiset Huittisista – Finland

This beautiful card arrived today from Lotta in Finland. It was snowing when Lotta wrote our card and was very cold outside!

Lotta translated some words for us which tell us what the pictures on the front of the post card are of!

Loimijoki = A river

Huittisten kirkko – The Church of Huittinen

Kaupungintalo – Town Hall.

This card travelled 15,850 Kilometres over 14 days to land in our mailbox!

Kittos Lotta!

Terveiset Huittisista

Terveiset Huittisista