Our Learning about Egypt Continues…

Well today has been a day at home. Which seem to be few and far between at the moment. We have done some more learning about Egypt watching a Discovery Atlas presentation called ‘Egypt Revealed’. It was an amazing look inside Egypt today and how is is still shaped by many old traditions and customs. The children found it amazing to learn that some children as young as Seven are sent off into Cairo from outlaying town to work and earn money for their families to survive.

Equally they were amazed to learn of women who must ask permission from their husbands before even leaving their home. The children also were amazed at also learning that women have to wear traditional clothing that covers their whole body when out in public. No part of their body or even their face can be seen.

Our learning about the world around us and different countries, cultures and traditions is proving to be such a wonderful experience for us all. The children definitely seem to be a lot more mindful of others and their beliefs, actions, traditions and customs. Which is great!