Golab Home Learning in 2010

With the new year fast approaching we have been busy trying to decide what we can use as our main ‘themes’ and activities for 2010. We have been looking for themes and activities that will allow us the freedom to branch out if we choose, but still remain within our original idea as required.

Thankfully after weeks and weeks of discussion, deliberation, frustration and excitement we have finally cemented  what our  themes and activities will be for our home learning in 2010.

We are starting out with a few new projects that will no doubt continue right through the year and beyond..

Our themes and activities for 2010 are:

  • The World!. This is a great opportunity for us to look not only at countries, but traditions, places, people, food, animals and so so much more! We are going to be using a number of different activities to learn about the world we live in.
  • Human Body – This will allow us to explore how the body works, why it sometimes doesn’t and also all about Puberty. We can also explore things such as how the senses work, heights and weights, nutrition, exercise, speech and languages, plus things such as auslan and braille where the hands are used to communicate.
  • Postcard Swapping – This involves us randomly sending a postcard to some one in the world, and for another person to randomly send us a postcard from where they live. This is done with ease, via a website called postcrossing. We will then research the country, landscape, building, item etc depicted on the postcard to learn more about it.
  • Penpal Letter Writing We will be developing penpal relationships that allow us not only to learn about other people and the world around us. This will help the children improve their English written skills & communication with others – but most of all it should also be a lot of fun for them!

2010 will also bring with it the usual English, maths, science, history, geography, socialisation, sports, art, craft and a million other learning opportunities about for us.

JAHG will be continuing to work on her ‘Junior BP Award’ at Girl Guides as well as other badge work, before progressing onto her BP Award and other achievements.