Team Earth – Do you have what it takes to join?

I wanted to share with you a focus group that we came across while surfing the net looking at ways to create sustainable living within the 21st Century.

The concept of  ‘Team Earth’ is to inspire a movement around the globe of students, teachers, families, companies and businesses to join together to help devise and create relevant & sustainable solutions that will encourage innovation. Team Earth also hopes to encourage responsible consumption by everyone and therefore help transform the way we all look at and manage the earths natural resources, so that they will survive beyond the foreseeable  future, and be there for many generations to come.

This focus groups provides an online platform for us all to join in, speak up and devise ways to take action. According the the website….

Ensuring the sustainability of Earth’s essential resources while maintaining economic growth is the defining challenge of the 21st century. How we manage the gifts of nature – a stable climate, fresh water and abundant oceans, fertile soils for food, the right conditions for healthy lives and the ability to sustainably balance human needs – will determine the long-term health and prosperity of all people, everywhere.

To address these realities, Team Earth will convene a global cross sector collaboration to galvanize leading companies, powerful brands, non-profits, teachers, students and others to take “collective action” at a global scale. Guided by the wisdom of a blue-ribbon panel of the world’s leading scientists, Team Earth is designed to harness the power of social media and global outreach to incite action and create momentum around efforts to address the great challenges of our time. Initial campaigns will focus on forest protection as a tool to slow climate change. Watch for further rallying cries around energy use, fresh water, and the way we consume.

Keeping the Earth healthy and its resources sustainable are goals we should all aspire too. So why not join in and become part of ‘Team Earth’

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