Fun at the Beach – Verona Sands

Well today we went down to Verona Sands to visit with some friends of ours. They have a Shack down there and invited us for the day to share in their youngest daughters birthday celebrations.

Even though the weather was a little on the windy and chilly side, we enjoyed the day away immensely. The girls loved being able to ride the bikes up and down the road with minimal adult supervision. We took two walks along the beach. The first one was before lunch and involved us walking along the sand and enjoying the sound of the crashing waves up onto the beach.

We had a BBQ for lunch, which was nice. I tried Sweet Chilli Chicken Sausages for the first time. They are definitely different and can pack some punch, but over all were nice to eat.

Our Second walk was after lunch mid afternoon and involved us taking a walk along the beach again towards some rocks, were the children took the time to go ‘crab’ hunting. They had brought along buckets and the idea was to see who could collect the most ‘crabs’ for the day. It was funny watching the children find them and often not want to pick them up, but in the end both groups had a great collection of ‘crabs’ which they lovingly looked after for a while.

A great day was had by all and we look forward to going back down to Verona Sands one day again soon in a little warmer weather!

Here are some pictures of our day out!