It’s Official – THEAC here I come!

The me that homeschools is very excited today. I finally got my letter from Premier David Bartlett to say that as of the 1st of October 2009 I am officially a member of the THEAC council. This is definitely an exciting time for me and one that I look forward to as the other council members are wonderful people and I can’t wait to be on Council with them!

Inspection Day has come around again!

Well today we had another inspection. Krystal came from the real estate to make sure that we are looking after the house properly as they do when you have an inspection. I must admit that I will be glad when the day comes and I no longer have to worry about these inspections.

I mean, it is having to remain home all day that gets to me rather than the inspection itself as we look after the house and keep it clean, so that does not worry me. It is the fact that we have gone from a 4 hour window of time when they may arrive to a 8 hour window, meaning I have to be tied to the house all day or at least until they arrive.

Thankfully Krystal arrived around lunchtime, so I was able to reclaim the rest of my afternoon.